Straighten Teeth Without Braces. OrthoSnap.

straighten teeth without braces

Smile You See With Braces You Don’t.

It’s NEW, It’s HERE. It’s BETTER than Invisalign. It’s ORTHOSNAP. You don’t need braces to create a beautiful smile. You need ORTHOSNAP. MORE! It’s superior to Invisalign and as effective as traditional braces. EVEN MORE! It’s less expensive than traditional braces or Invisalign!

Straighten your teeth without the cosmetic issues of traditional braces. Your teeth are gently moved into their proper position by transparent and removable plastic aligners. OrthoSnap uses an innovative and unique system. It makes it easy for Dr. Irina Feldbein to design a treatment that lets you achieve great results in record time.

Straighten teeth without braces. Ultimate treatment flexibility. Ultimate comfort. 

How to straighten teeth without braces? OrthoSnap utilizes clear, transparent materials in the manufacture of its aligners. Your smile will be dramatically transformed while giving you the freedom to lead a normal life. The aligner will perfectly fit your teeth. You will hardly know you are wearing it. Also, OrthoSnap aligners can be taken off without an effort. You can eat and brush in comfort.

Leave the images of traditional metal braces behind. Show off your new smile while you are wearing OrthoSnap clear aligners. Your friends and co-workers will have a very hard time seeing that you are wearing one.

Dr. Irina Feldbein will decide if OrthoSnap is the right solution for you. Then impressions are taken and sent to OrthoSnap processing facility. The set of individual aligners will be produced and sent back to the doctor.

Upon delivery of your first aligner doctor will go over the treatment and hygienic maintenance. Generally each set of aligners is worn over a period of two weeks. Then replaced with the next set enforcing gradual movement of the teeth in to desired position.straighten teeth without braces

Wearing aligners is easy.

OrthoSnap aligners are designed to be worn at all times. Except when eating and brushing your teeth. The more you wear the aligner the faster your will get to your perfect smile. Because OrthoSnap aligners are made of thin clear material they are hardly noticeable. It’s easy and comfortable to wear them throughout the day.

You will receive a set of aligners. Each aligner is carefully designed to bring your teeth ever closer to the final, correct and aligned position. You will see real improvement week by week, aligner by aligner.

Periodically, you will need to visit Dr. Feldbein to check up on your progress. OrthoSnap flexible treatment plan allows adjustments to your aligners based on the real progress.straighten teeth without braces

For all situations…

OrthoSnap aligner system is applicable in most cases where traditional braces are considered. Spaces between the teeth, uneven or crowded teeth, bite adjustment all are successfully treated comfortably and discreetly. So, whether you are at work, parting the night out, enjoying your favorite sports, show of your smile while OrthoSnap clear aligners do there work. Visit Dr. Irina Feldbein in Manhattan or Brooklyn, NY office and see what OrthoSnap can do for you.

OrthoSnap aligners are a clear alternative to traditional braces. They are convinient, comfortable and hardly noticeable.

Made out of a clear material, OrthoSnap aligners will not intrude onto your daily routine. They are designed to be worn around the clock. Yet, they are easily removable for when are you are eating, brushing or flossing your teeth.

If you’re considering a treatment and are interested in learning how Dr. Irina Feldbein can help you to improve your smile, please schedule your consultation by calling us at: 212-535-1202 / 718-743-2222 or click here to contact us

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